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It’s hard for you to really enjoy life when you suffer with physical pain. That’s why Integrated Pain Therapy and Wellness in Schaumburg, Illinois has established a pain relief center where you can find real lasting pain relief and a better quality of life.

We are dedicated to pinpointing the real source of your pain and helping you restore your life. Our goal is to help you overcome or eliminate your pain and give you back your life even if you have tried other treatments without success or if you have suffered yea..read more

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Whether you experience chronic (long-term) pain or acute (short-term) pain, you know the pain is real. At Integrated Pain Therapy and Wellness, we know that pain is caused by real medical condition..read more

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Integrated Pain Therapy and Wellness looks forward to helping you. To schedule an appointment, please call us at 847-352-5511. To request an appointment online, please use our online Appointment Request Form.

Once you have made your initial appointment, you can preregister by clicking on the link below to download the New Patient Forms. Please print and complete the forms prior to your arrival. This will help to speed up..read more

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